FDI Computer & Internet Safety Class

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While we all wish for simpler times, and penny oranges, we live in the modern world, which is rife with dangers. Our computers here at FDI are constantly under attack by viruses, malware, hackers, and more.

To keep us all safe, FDI Property Management has created a brief course where we will cover a handful of topics on modern office computer security. This will be an online class where you will call into the meeting and connect your computer to the presenter’s. We will also be giving out a handout.

Everyone who uses a computer at FDI is asked to attend this class.

The topics will cover:

  • Email safety and security
  • Web Browsing: browsing safely and securely
  • Other Dangers: what they are and what to do
  • Available tools and question/answer

The following are the dates and times that are available.

Please pick any two time slots that you would like to attend and email your choices to Charlie Blake at: cblake@fdimgt.com. We will enter your first available choice and notify you back via email.

These classes are on a first come, first serve basis.

Mar 7th from 9 – 10

Mar 9th from 11 – 12

Mar 14th from 9 – 10

Mar 16th from 11 – 12