FDI Management Group offers a broad range of management services, possesses the expertise and experience in the industry, and focuses on successfully achieving the owners objectives. We serve a variety of clients: including, limited partners and individual owners.

Owner return is our highest priority. FDI understands that each investor will have specific and different financial objectives that a property management team is to execute.


Our veteran accounting division utilizes the power of the Internet to provide our owners, investors, and government offices real time accounting and reporting. Our consistent service and in depth details ensure very efficient control over all the financial parameters of property management. This allows for 24/7 performance of our portfolio. Therefore, we excel in our key functions daily, monthly, quarterly as well as annually. We strive for versatility in new construction or acquisition properties as well as single assets or larger portfolios.

  • Fully detailed production of Financial Statements
  • Review of Accounts Payables
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Cash Management
  • Provide Accurate and on many assets, Real Time Data
Corporate Compliance

Addressing compliance issues proactively does more than just satisfy a legal requirement. It makes your investment more competitive. It motivates employees by making them proud of their community. And it consistently provides a positive return on investment. In a time when more aggressive enforcement combined with new laws and regulations, ensuring that your investment will not be derailed by compliance issues is more important than ever.

Our team can assist you in a variety of compliance areas. We’ll help you avoid the compliance problems.

Human Resources

FDI Management Group has a strategic relationship with a human resources management firm in a business popularly referred to as a “Professional Employer Organization”. With the ever-changing pattern of employee relations, FDI has enlisted the services of the PEO to help administer payroll, provide employee benefits and assist with human resources and risk management. Under this arrangement, FDI is able to make the employment more fulfilling and productive.

Our goal is to provide the employee with the best benefits and employee services possible.

Risk Management

Risk management is a continuing process of proactively identifying risks. By actively monitoring potential risks, we can avoid failures in a project, reduce liability and improve ROI. To assist in providing a safe and healthful environment for employees, customers, and visitors, FDI and our Professional Employer Organization have established a workplace safety program. With the assistance of our Safety and Loss Control Representative, we provide information to employees about workplace safety and health issues through regular internal communication channels. Some of the best safety improvement ideas come from our employees. Those with ideas, concerns, or suggestions for improved safety in the workplace are encouraged to raise them with their supervisor. All employees are expected to obey safety rules and exercise caution in all work activities.

Our goal is to provide a safe and profitable environment for all.

Training and Support

We provide training to support the continued development of our employees. Through the partnership with our PEO, we are able to access numerous training modules from Housekeeping/Maintenance Safety to Managing Difficult Employees. That’s why we offer several programs that go beyond the basic leadership and management element. Each seminar and workshop is designed to meet specific training objectives and is tailored to your assets needs. In addition to these workshops, our Management team attends annual meetings of the nationally recognized housing organizations to keep abreast of new and upcoming developments in our industry.