Multifamily services are those services provided to apartment communities. They include all aspects of property management, customer services to our residents, training of staff, resident retention events, collections and compliance.

With our proven performance distinguishing our service from others, FDI is your first choice for Multifamily management services.

Conventional Property Management

FDI is the best choice for Conventional Property management as we have proven the ability to maximize the investment returns for our owners in every way possible. Using available resources to maximize potential value of the property

Affordable Housing Tax Credit Management & Compliance

We are a leader in the affordable housing sector by providing management for Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), and HUD and Rural development projects. Our internal compliance department is led by a Certified Compliance Officer with vast experience in the following areas:

  • Initial compliance certification to qualify LIHTC properties
  • Breakeven and stabilization period
  • Tenant income certification approval prior to move in
  • Monthly status reporting
  • File audits quarterly

Compliance is the key to the LIHTC program. FDI’s experienced compliance staff report directly to the CEO. We are committed to delivering tax credit and developers fees.

With FDI the only good “finding” is no finding.

Senior Property Management

Senior Community property management includes all of our services with a special flair for senior residents. We provide a safe and comfortable environment for our residents to live. Activities are offered and all residents are encouraged to participate.