Due Diligence

Too often there are physical and financial problems with assets that require additional capital expenditures or other resources that don’t come to light until after the purchase. That’s why due diligence is a critical aspect of acquisition. FDI is well suited to provide due diligence because our experienced professionals understand the local market and can identify problems early. Do you want to know the truth about your asset before you buy it? FDI’s professional approach to this process may eliminate future surprises by providing service from lease file audits, market comparables to capital needs assessments. We will assist in providing all necessary reports to make your decision process easier for you. By assisting in the due diligence process, we are better prepared for the imminent takeover of the property. We will have identified problems that otherwise would take perhaps months to find and solve.

Other services we provide:

  • Draft management plans and budgets
  • Capital improvement budgets
  • Sales comparables
  • Market comparables and marketplace overviews
  • Complete lease audits
  • Physical unit-by-unit and overall building inspections
  • Meetings with investors, lenders and/or third party contractors
  • Interviews with existing staff and staffing analysis
  • Property marketing programs
  • Tax appeal applications